How to be successful

Another article, seems I’m getting good at writing these, or maybe it’s just me, pleased to offer you powerful content you will enjoy on the blog! It’s all about stepping up to the plate got to work hard for what you want no one’s going to give you anything. Feeling thankful for the day…. need a haircut… lol…life passes, take adv a n ta Ge.

Remember to do your best to get it All, one step at a time, through hard work & focus goals get accomplished πŸ’΅ the more you learn the more you earn…. set a definite aspirational price on your hourly rateπŸ’° learn not to care too much of opinions of others. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ we rise by lifting others


“Be humble. Persevere. Read more. Toughen up.” – Tai Lopez

Fall in love w the process, nature of life is hills & valleys… make your own decisions regarding what’s best for you , CHATTANOOGA, Atlanta, Memphis, together we are strong #king keep knocking on doors, be persistent about your goals.. travel, see the world πŸ—Ί & learn about alternative ways of living, new mindset = new opportunity. Deploy empathy, step into shoes of others to see how they may feel, keep moving forward, write & read everyday, πŸ’ͺ🏾 take one small step towards your goals daily, ⭐️ little by little we get ahead, stayWoke be aware of events translating around you, πŸ’£ tuned in.. 🌲 🌲 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

Learn from others mistakes, use mentors, process things carefully in your mind, be bold but be smart… β€œThe tough truth about life is that some things just take time. Most people aren’t strong enough to deal with that fact.” – Tai Lopez

If something stands between you and your success – move it. Never be denied.” β€“ Dwayne Johnson

KING nooga


How to get rich

KING: Hello world I’m with a yellow girl πŸ‘§ #2 pencil 2Chainz, gotta work hard to get ahead in life, to be everything you want to be , it’s a cold world. Bundle up…. earmuffs on the children y’a feel me….life is exciting, exotic,

Eating a carrot..go for yours dude…. life sways like panama Palms….. 🌴

One after another tasks get accomplished, working towards a goal,many things are accomplished, easier as a collective….. light fades, shadows lengthen on dreams….. πŸ’€ 🌎 awakens, a new generation is born….. earth spins…… humans race in this rat race, using leverage πŸ₯• to get ahead, labor is one way to have leverage, having control of people ie working under you.. this is an ancient form of leverage humans understand,

πŸ’΄ πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’΅ πŸ’Ά πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΄πŸ’΄πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’ΆπŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’΄πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

πŸ’΅ It’s a slow ineffective messy way of doing things, it’s difficult to manage large amounts of people, a relatively new form of leverage is Capital, in the last 100 years large of amounts of capital move around that is harder 🏦 for humans to understand, , managing large amounts of money is easier than managing people, being investor Wall Street, understanding math…. πŸ’Ά set a price on your hourly rate, set an aspirational price .. and stick to that.

Own equity that’s how you will get rich… you won’t get rich selling your time.. πŸ”₯

We rise by lifting others



Good morning world. Another day inside the nest a place where we can celebrate, enjoy all that life offers, plenty of opportunity

Amazing day, first thing in the morning what do you do? Leave a comment..

I like to read the New York Times…. highly enjoyable experience….earning your keep is something very underrated, gotta be a force of nature to win out here, the law of the jungle prevails, πŸ…

Health is one of the four pillars of the good life, stay healthy to reap the benefits all life.. consuming blueberries… πŸ“ thank you

πŸ… πŸ… πŸ…

People think I’m joking when I say that whoever experiments the most in life wins. But I’m not…

“You can get most things you want in life. It’s just that most goals will take one or two years longer than expected. Be patient.” β€“ Tai Lopez


M E R C E D E S πŸš™ πŸ’£

-hello El Paso ⭐️

-Drive Uber

-Get better at skating πŸ›Ή

CHATTANOOGA, ft wood 🌲

Drop down and give me 20! Push yourself in life broski, you can if you focus, chattanooga is bumpin recently it’s windy 🌬 plenty of concerts @ Southside…

Dirty blonde making an appearance in the Noog, Manker patten continues 🎾 to thrive… by the river…. β˜•οΈ β˜•οΈ always white πŸ‘Ÿ shoes 🎢 πŸ₯

stay rooted in reality….. been exclusively listening to πŸ‡«πŸ‡· French Audio & I miss Big KRIT…. & thΓ© Tai Lopez podcast πŸ”₯ chattanooga is a beehive, the key is to mix with different circles, I want to stress something now, the way to success, to survival in this life is to use the approach that works for you. Every situation is unique, You have unique strengths and weaknesses, know yourself, learn the situation β˜€οΈ read the room move like a Shark 🦈 smile like a gator 🐊 get paper πŸ’΄ Saludos a hater , Invest in YOU. πŸ’ͺ🏾 this is America, go make a million dollars…. 🏦 invest w Cardone Capital, sitting on the porch in sweats bumpin La Fouine πŸ‡«πŸ‡·.. celebrate

Love to all those who’ve been on the path so far, know this is a new day, new challenges and it won’t be like the last seven years, new chapter , πŸ“š πŸ—‘ run it πŸƒ

StayStrong, another one, give, provide massive value, your network is your net worth…. be useful πŸ’°πŸ”₯

β€œAnyone who suggests you do less is either not a real friend or confused.” Grant C

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Blood, sweat and respect. First two you give, last one you earn.-the rock


Goal : 20K month,y income passive

“It ain’t all roses brah” -DAVIDATL πŸ₯€

Fight for what you want in lifeπŸ“Έ, you can do it if you pull out all the stops, keep fighting, keep going, one day at a time, it’s possible πŸ₯¦to achieve with the right amount of focus, every day is a gift and we must cherish it. ⭐️ Thanks for reading , check out the podcast ,

Love hard, fight for what you want, celebrate every moment of life, it’s going to be 🏨gone one day, let go of the bullshit, Stay on Your Throne , be royal, let the bullshit pass, interact with all but only let the strong close, the weak ones will hurt you, tbh πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ today I recorded audio for the blog, loved hard, and wished I had noise cancelling headphones…. LoL keep your thoughts to yourself bro,πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ only build off others, ain’t no room for no original ideas, other people came here before you bro, recognize. Respect it,


April 14 2019

Ian Derthick


Go Mocs!


Sitting on the Riverwalk, enjoying the day, noticing the Mocs have had hella success recently! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸ”₯ being young is a joy, 🌟 Chattanooga, the early bird gets the worm, be better than you were yesterday, did you know just planning during 1% of your day can make the other 99% go much better? πŸ”₯ did you know 1% is only 14 minutes a day! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Cyprien on YouTube, Norman C’est la vie. Two popular Tv πŸ“Ί shows are The Office and Peaky Blinders πŸ”₯ go Mocs! πŸ“Έ love Yourself, Uber IPO @ 90 Billion πŸ’° πŸš™ dont chase it let it come to you… stayWoke, podcast link,

Technology, culture, nutrition

New cafe cat Cafe on Tennessee ave for Students & young professionals… if your not on the internet, smhπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ your not relevant. @DavidATL333 ⭐️ Let go of what’s holding you down, double down on strengths…..

health, eating πŸ₯¦broccoli can get your biceps πŸ’ͺ🏾 ripped! Broccoli with salmon is the πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ ideal. Add πŸ§‚ πŸ˜‹ Four bridges Arts festival was this weekend in the chatt, celebrate local πŸ–Ό Art, StayStrong, thΓ© Edwin Hotel 🏨 hosting culture…. 🚢 walking πŸŒ‰ bridge to see the lights .. live in the moment plan for thΓ© future, Nooga Airport ✈️ for fast access in and out of city….. Starbucks located in Northshore by WholeFoods…. Are the 🎢 Jonas Brothers making a Come back? With utc graduates quite πŸŽ“ possibly……Coachella is this weekend 🎡 and we’re all jealous… it’s Lit. Btw πŸ›Ή skate life is the only life.. πŸ”₯ πŸ‘‘ Skatepark in the Noog by Fort Finley 🏟

Tomatoes…. the sultry luxury staple of πŸ₯— WHERES THE KETCHUP?! πŸ… this nightshade is perfect on BLT, with bacon, with 🍝


Out here living your best life, I’m proud of you, it’s not everyone who can get from every day like you do, rocking it at School, at work & at the Bar.. 🍻 write down your goals, this will let you level up in life, writing goals means being a better person. ////////

Look for thΓ© good around you, life is bleeding with love, let it sink into your soul, allow it to form your soul, live into the moment , remembering the past, fighting for the future…. connect, find allies……. journey into new places meeting people getting stronger as you do…. real life is hard, get tough, iron hard,, fight for your dreams

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We rise by lifting others…..

Just recorded a podcast, wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be…tricky to grab someone for an interview…… it’s interesting how this all works……. πŸ”₯ life has quick bursts of opportunity there is nothing you can’t do if you just work for it, y’a gotta give life your all keep going for the gold and you will succeed, eventually, life ain’t gonna get easier bro, keep on being strong and going for yours, keep focused on the prize and know you can achieve it if you go for yours, keep pushing mate, life is long, don’t get frustrated too easily, be patient and get a little better every day. Go for yours, made eye contact with this guy he was on the phone I almost stopped him for a podcast but didn’t…. large group of people walking by….. πŸ˜‚

Take your time, and train every day…. getting better than you were before….

Can eggplants Cause insanity? πŸ†

“If you’re absent during my struggle don’t expect to be present during my success.” – Will Smith

Spotify podcast 🎧

β€œSuccess isn’t overnight. It’s when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.” β€“ Dwayne Johnson

Health:πŸ† who’s had baked eggplant….? πŸ† fastfacts.

-it’s a powerful food, Findings from animal studies suggest that nasunin, an anthocyanin in the eggplant skin, is a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cell membranes from free radical damage.

-Also, πŸ’’Many nutritionists caution that too many servings of eggplant might cause problems. In fact, ancient Mediterranean people reportedly nicknamed it β€œmad apple,” believing that πŸ† eating eggplant every day for a month would cause insanity. πŸ† πŸ†So be careful! On a lighter note….

Joke: πŸ˜‚ What do cats eat for breakfast? 🐈

Mice crispies!

Health101: Blueberries are πŸ”‘ to good nutrition, So is cantaloupe 🍈 πŸ˜‰ Peanut butter is high in protein also, πŸ”₯ πŸ₯‘ πŸ₯‘ πŸ₯‘ Omega3, 🍊 🍊 πŸ’§ πŸ’§ πŸ₯œ πŸ₯• πŸ₯— πŸ₯• 🍎 get active to be in better health! Get outside, try something new! Move your body πŸ”₯ πŸ›Ή Having an active body releases endorphins, the feel good chemical, functioning at a high level requires you to push yourself physically in the gym πŸ’ͺ🏾 nothing comes easy, practice improves… πŸ›Ή

Venice Beach πŸ“Έ by Travis Yewell

The Camp House…Chattanooga…Gig city.. πŸŒƒ πŸŽ₯ has been πŸ₯΅ β˜€οΈ recently πŸ›Ή , it’s a place to mingle and celebrate Southern Living, sitting in Starbucks by the river one can appreciate the simple joys the Noog provides, the fourth location for VaynerMedia, after New York, Los Angeles and London, it’s no surprise the scenic city is the go to spot for entrepreneurs. @garyvee on twitterπŸ”₯ check out the nooga market by Finley 🏟 stadium

Bro, πŸ’‘ learn to think without thinking, process information faster, freaking play β™Ÿ bring your rooks to the center 🏰 πŸ‡«πŸ‡· β™Ÿ

πŸ˜‚jokeπŸ˜‚ What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college?


-Technology, AR Contact lenses….. we see ourselves with tech, saw an ad for VR, of my idol Wiz Khalifa….. 🎀 he is such a legend….. πŸ€– tech is everywhere now, from the cars we drive, to our fridge touch display, tech is our oxygen. πŸ€–

insta @DavidATL333 πŸ”₯ πŸ’ͺ🏾 My favorite Herbalife product is the shakes, their so Delicious! And so many flavors! The cookies n crΓ¨me flavor is to die for!! πŸ‘‘ πŸ˜‹ Love this David Goggins book! Can’thurtme πŸ“š πŸ†

🍊 Nutrition:orange juice to get that vitamin C! OJ is the only way… 🍊 plus cilantro….& πŸ… πŸ…! On a thin slice of sourdough πŸ˜‹ 🍳 it your biggest meal in the middle of the day Like is popular in Europe! Minimize food consumption in the evening as that is when the body is digesting β˜€οΈ β˜€οΈ πŸ₯΅ Thank you for reading! Like this post & follow the blog!


β€œI want to do good. I want the world to be better because I was here. I want my life, I want my work, my family, I want it to mean something. It’s like if you are not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.”Will Smith

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚What steps do you take if you a tiger is running towards you?

Big Ones!



Keep on going bro, life won’t stop for you, y’a gotta keep pushing if you want to succeed, your super close! Don’t give up now, life is a series of painful experiences, remember how you got through the last one and you Will be able to achieve….. thanks for staying focused with me so far, also, launched podcast on Spotify and iTunes…. DavidATL rants & raves, soon available…. πŸ˜‰ πŸ›Ή people want to drag you down into the mud, because they gave up on their dreams a long long time ago, don’t let those people fuck with your fung shway πŸ”₯ πŸ˜‡ LoL let’s overcome obstacles together fam! WE GOT THIS….life is unlimited if ya just focus, also Coachella is this weekend and I’m angry I’m not there, but it is what it is, at least I can still publish this dope ass post!!!!

Celebrate go for yours, if you keep working you truly can get to the top. Fight

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Woke up feeling nasty…… I hate my living situation…. also, have a terrible sunburn….. smh….. β˜€οΈ I’ll be ok…. but feeling pretty bad at the moment, times like these when it’s important to feel grateful…. for what I have etc….

things always work out in the end, still, my back is peeling, want to put a hoodie on but pledged to myself I’d go shirtless outdoors weather permitting.

“A warrior is not a person that carries a gun. The biggest war you ever go through is right between your own ears. It’s in your mind. We’re all going through a war in our mind, and we have to callus our mind to fight that war and to win that war.David Goggins


“I lived a sloppy life. So I took very small increments in my life. I started making my bed. I started cleaning my room. There were dishes in the sink. It started off with doing small house chores. I saw that the yard needed to be mowed. So instead of being told it needed to be mowed, I would mow it.David Goggins